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Doing Some Yard Work Instead Of Sewing

Since I don;t really feel inspired to sew anything, I figured I would rampage through the yard! I ended up going to my Dad’s old house he is trying to sell and work on cutting down a tree that is a little too overgrown. After only a few minor cuts and abrasions, the tree is about half way down. Now my arms are really sore from using the hand saw, but at least now I feel mildly motivated to sew something, yet at the same tme, too tired to sew something.

Took A Break From Sewing For My Plants

I’ve haven;t gotten too much sewing done the past few days, because it has been too hot to have the iron on, so I decided to go outside and plant a few things! I’ve got a couple of pots, and a few garden beds. I still have to mulch so the weeds stay in check, but other than that I’m just loving the plants! I’m kind of thinking about doing a quilt based on a sun flower. With diamonds instead of squares… just a random thought. We’ll see if it ever takes shape!

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