Confessions of a Quilt-aholic: Taking A Break


Now, everyone who knows me knows that I sew, and I sew a lot! However, these past few days, I feel like I just haven’t wanted to sew. Now, grant it, I have been busy. I had to cut a couple of limbs off of a tree and do some yard work, but I just haven’t wanted to sew afterwards like I normally do. It’s not that I am lacking inspiration, but I’m just not really that into getting some sewing done. I think maybe I need a break. The last time I took a break was because I lacked creativity, but this time I think it is because I lack drive. I think I need to take some time off of sewing and recharge my battery. Not sure what I am going to do in the meantime, but hopefully it will be something interesting! I figure a week dedicated to actual blogging will be a nice respite.

What does everyone else do to recharge their battery?

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