Confessions of a Quilt-aholic: Least Favorite Part Of Sewing


I don’t know about anyone else, but however much I love sewing, and however much fun I have while sewing, there is still a feeling of dread about it. I hate ironing! I mean, it is literally one of my least favorite things! I wish I could afford to pay someone to just do the ironing while I keep sewing! You know, typically I feel pretty good about sewing, but when I quilt with smaller pieces I know that it means a lot of ironing! I don’t know why I hate it, but I just do. Especially when I sew during the warmer months! In the winter I cn get away with more ironing before I start to get queasy, but during the summer, it is the largest deterrent from sewing!

I guess if it is the only downside to making all of my fun projects, I guess I will just have to deal with it!

So what is everyone’s least favorite part of their craft?


  1. Amy C says:

    It’s weird because I quilt, but that’s my least favorite part. I LOVE picking out the fabrics, piecing it together, seeing my project take shape. I hate quilting it. I don’t know why. I dread it every time.

  2. Mister Creative says:

    I used to think ironing was for people with OCD. Then I discovered the difference it makes on the end result in quilting. And am sold on the idea, and have three different sized irons to accomplish the task [snort].

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