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Helping A Friend


Everyone remembers the Hexagon Quilt I made, right? Well, my friend wanted to make one and we cut her triangles and laid them out last night. I think it’s looking pretty darn good! She even had enough fabric left over to make 2 matching table toppers. This really makes me want to sew one for myself… Not like I have enough projects. Wish me luck!

Made This Simple Quilt Top Yesterday

I made this quick and simple Halloween Quilt top… Although, the more I look at it, the more I want to use it as a quilt backing. Hmmm, decisions, decisions. I really like the spider web fabric, and the green fabrics I picked out. I did the one in light green, just as an accent piece. I still don’t know if I want this as a simple quilt top, or a backing.. Wish me luck!

I’m Playing With My 9° Wedge Ruler

First off: Wedge Rulers are amazing and now I require all of them! I bought this 9° wedge ruler about 15 month ago, and I never got around to using it. I had some craps left over the my Hexagon quilt and though, that would be a fun place to start with my wedge ruler. I’m making an over-sized pillow that’s going to be about 40 inches in diameter. ‘m still trying to figure out a proper center and how to make a decent backing. Wish me luck!

Hexagon Quilt! It’s Not What You Think!

I love love love the look of hexagons! I’m an even bigger fan of their geometry! I’m quite the mathematician if you didn’t know! I love them, but I haven;t got the time or energy to do one of those exquisite paper pieced quilts! I love them to death, but paper piecing is not for me! I’m a little too rough and tumble when it comes to quilting for that. So I saw a table runner that had this same kind of general motif and I thought, “Well, hell. I can make a quilt from that idea!” So I did. I sat down, did the math figured out what my pieces should be and I cut away! Tell me what you think! I still have the bottom half to put on, but it is almost done! Wish me luck!

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