Damien’s Quilt Top Is Finished!

2 Jul


After I made all of the blocks last night, I went to bed! I slept from 8AM to 1PM, and I hopped back on the sewing machine. I was way too excited about this top to do anything else! Even sleep. The only reason I did sleep was because the light burned out in my machine, and I just did not really feel like find a replacement bulb in my room that late at night, well technically morning! However, I do think this beautiful creation was well worth the lack of sleep! I decided to blend with a base of  rail fence block, and then just made it up as I went. I wanted to fade to red on the ends, and then have that be the border. I really think the red makes the green, purple, and orange POP out of the quilt, which is what I wanted! I’m happy with my choice of jewel toned fabrics, and I would do it all over again if I could!

I hope Damien will enjoy sleeping with it as much as I enjoyed making it. Not sure when I’ll get around to quilting it on my machine. That might even happen later today. I’ll keep everyone posted on any updates!

Click below for more pictures!

Here it is from the beginning!



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