Damien’s Quilt Update!


I’ve been slaving over a hot sewing machine all night to bring you this! Okay, maybe I slacked a little and watched an episode the French crime serial “Spiral”, but then I got right back to work! Maybe two episodes tops!

As I sewed the blocks for this quilt top I could only think about how beautiful and saturated the colors are! I know traditional baby quilts are bright and cheery, but I think they can be cheerful without being bright. Once again, I really hope I’m right! Now, everyone knows I love jewel tones! So, I used the crap out of them! I went digging for scraps from previous quilts looking for the perfect shades of green, red, orange, and purple. The Border will be a nice saturated red, without being dark, which was not an easy task to find in my stash! I’ce also been listening to Dusty Springfield the entire time I have been sewing. I felt the need for a soulful singer, so I could channel all the depth into a beautiful quilt top! Mostly, I just like me some Dusty to sew too. I can hear her over my sewing machine, and my sewing machine is LOUD!

Anywho, back on topic! I chose the colors because the Parents wanted something saturated with the colors most apt for development, which are the primaries and secondaries, so this top is just chock full of them! I hope everyone enjoys the pictures of this beautiful beast!

Click below for more pictures!

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