Bargello Baby Quilt

I finally picked out a pattern I like! It’s going to be a bargello quilt, and I really hope it turns out well. It is the first time I am doing a bargello style quilt, and I’m going to put my all into it, so I cannot imagine it will be that bad! I’m not saying it will be perfect, because I’m sure if I end up looking close enough, I’ll find a few errors, but I’ll make it work! Gosh! I feel like Tim Gunn!

I’ll start it tomorrow morning, because my eye sight is too blurry tonight to sew anything, and it is too dark in my sewing area. The ceiling lights went out due to some faulty wiring, and my landlord is coming by tomorrow to fix it. If worse comes to worse, I’ll sew upstairs, but tonight I am too tired to move all of my equipment up here.

Goodnight for now!

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