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A Student’s Bargello Quilt Top

22 Oct

Today I taught a class over at Merrillville Sewing Center, and it was on Bargello quilts! One of my students made this adorable quilt top! I’m just so in love with it, I might want to make one for myself! She picked out the most gorgeous Jelly Roles!

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The Return Of My E-Cards

20 Oct

It is the triumphant return of my sassy E Cards! I know it has been a while so here they are… more to come by this weekend!

Finished My Niece’s Quilt

20 Oct

I am pleased to announce I finished this adorable baby quilt! You know, I went to Joann’s after work on Saturday to buy some pink flannel for the back and the cut counter had a huge line so I had to go shopping in my closet, and I used this plaid flannel I found. It turned out alright!

I Made Some More Placemats

16 Oct

I’ve been working on these for a couple of days now, and I just finished my last two. One side is a cupcake, and the other side is a flip flop. I think they are just too cute! I did the applique with a regular sewing machine, but next time I think I’ll use an embroidery machine. You know, lately I’ve been trying to work on smaller projects besides quilts, because I want a few things that I can do in one sitting, versus a quilt taking a week. You know?

I Pounded Out A Baby Quilt For My Niece

13 Oct

This took almost all evening yesterday, but I got it all done… Well, the quilt top is done anyway. Maybe, if I feel fancy tonight I’ll quilt it, but I’m thinking my sinuses are killing me, so Criminal Minds and plenty of rest are on my agenda. Anyways, let’s get back to the baby quilt. I’m debating on whether or not I want to put a solid border on it…. What do you think?

I Finsihed The Bargello Quilt Top

11 Oct

I just love the mix of jewel tones in my throw size bargello. I ended up putting on a red border to contrast every other color that was inside the quilt. I think it makes it pop, but doesn’t draw away from the body of the quilt. I’m going to do gold color thread for quilting! I’m so excited!

I Started Working On A Modern Bargello

9 Oct

I’m teaching a class at work on how to make a bargello quilt! I’ve done one before, and now I’m making a very modern looking one with some very gorgeous fabrics! I can’t wait to cut my strips later tonight! Although, I’m wondering if I should do something even more modern with different size strips, or if I should just stick with the same size strips… We’ll see!



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