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Working On ‘On Point Autumn’

17 Sep

It’s coming along quite nicely! I’m very excited to put the sashing in, and now to just pick a border!

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Finished The Quilt Top For My Friend’s T-Shirt Quilt

14 Sep

It took me long enough! I figured I had better do some work on it since the weather here is getting very cold, very quickly. It was 45 degrees when I woke up this morning! I know she probably wants her quilt soon, so I finished the top last night, and I might even pin it today! We shall see! Wish me luck!

Working On My Latest Crazy Quilt

13 Sep

I finally got back to work on this beautiful piece of color atrocity! I just love it! It is just so bright and annoying! I’m not sure how large I am going to make it, but I’m thinking I’ll make it a larger size throw quilt. Maybe 70″ by 70″. Just a thought! I’ve still got to add a few more embellishments to it. Any idea what else I can add to it?

On Point Autumn Quilt Half Embroidered

10 Sep

Okay, so while rummaging through the embroidery designs at work, I found this gem! I’ve been in a fall mood with the rustic leaves, and then I found this other design. I just had to make a quilt! So, I was thinking since it is on point I would do 3 blocks by 3 blocks, and put in some fun fall batiks on the off spaces and the border. What do you all think?

A Couple Of More Rustic Leaves

8 Sep

I’ve playing around with the embroidery machines at work. I’ve also become obsessed with tea towels. So what we have here is a lot of tea towel embroidery! I’m getting my house ready for fall, so this Rustic Leaves collection is just perfect! What do you sewists think?

Anita Goodesign’s Rustic Leaves On Tea Towels

6 Sep

So, I finally got back into sewing. It no longer hurts to sit hunched over a sewing machine. (It’s very hard being 6’6″.) So, I was at work rifling through the latest Anita Goodesigns, and look what I found! Some adorable leaf patterns! The pattern is called rustic leaves, and it is just too cute not to make! Here is one tea towel, and I’m still working on the other one. I’ll post that one soon!

Back From Hiatus

29 Aug


This week I have been so burned out, that I didn’t want to quilt or blog, but now I’m back and feeling refreshed. I would post something interesting, but I have to go to work for a couple of hours. When I gte home though, I have a top that is pinned and ready for me to quilt it! Wish me luck!


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