Word To The Wise: Clean Your Machines

13 Feb


I got carried away the last couple of nights and have been powering through towels. Well, word to the wise… Clean out your machine! Mine started squeaking, and I opened it up, and found this! My bad! Let me go and find the lint brush! Wish me luck!

The Push For NWI Comic-Con

7 Feb

I’ve been sweating up an embroidery storm! I ran into a little trouble with my tension at one point, but that is resolved! So far I have Totoro, Doctor Who, and Zelda. I would be more than welcome other suggestions. I really want to do some Harley Quinn, and Superman pictures as well. I only have one embroidery machine so one at a time! Wish me luck!

Doing Some Felting!

1 Feb

I recently got the felting attachment for my Viking Ruby Royale, and I have been having quite a bit of fun with it! I think I might have to go over the design again, but I really do like the way it looks! I can’t wait to try it with other fabrics! Wish me luck!

Game Of Thrones House Sigils!

31 Jan

I finally got around to adding these to my Etsy Shop and writing a post about it! I want to make more of the sigils, but have not gotten around to it. One of these days!

Later today I’m going to show off some felting designs!

Harry Potter Embroidery Designs!!!!

28 Jan

I’ve been playing with my software, and I know people have been asking for these for quite a while, so I finally sat down and stitched them out this morning. I just added them to my Etsy Shop! I also added some Game of Thrones designs for those of you who are interested. Next on the docket for digitizing is a Mario pack, as well as a New Star Wars set! Wish me luck!

Find Harry Potter here!

I’m Not Dead, Just Sick

28 Jan


I know I haven’t posted in awhile, and I’m sorry to all of you who read my blog. I’ve been getting over this nasty cold, and I’m trying to get stuff ready for Comic Con, and something had to give, and unfortunately, it was my blog, but I’m back in full force!

I’ve got some treats for you!

I’ve been playing with Felting on my embroidery machine…

Game of Thrones Designs

Harry Potter Designs

And a Crazy quilt vest in the works! So stay tuned!

I’m Sewing Clothing

21 Jan


I’m working on some crazy quilt fabric, but it’s not for a quilt. I decided I’m going to make some clothes, and I needed something for accent fabric, and decided to make my own. Wish me luck.


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