Rsil-Fence Wtih Blooming Bias Is Taking Shape

30 Aug

I finally got around to taking the blocks and putting them together! I swear, going over it twice with the tiny stitches for the blooming bias takes forever, but it is well worth it! I’ve already got a few more rows on, so I’ll add pictures later!

Thoughts On Blooming Bias?

27 Aug


I’ve been sewing with some chenille lately for quilting embellishments. Has anyone else done this? I mean, I’ve used it in designs before, but just adding a strip or two to a rail fence block? I can’t wait to finish this quilt and then wash it and watch the magic puff up! Wish me luck!

Legend Of Zelda Quilt Kits Have Arrived!

17 Aug

People have asked, and I finally got around to doing it! I added Quilt Kits To My Etsy Shop! I’m starting with just this one quilt kit, and hope to add a few more by the end of the month! Wish me luck!

Some E-Cards For This Very Hot Sunday

16 Aug

It’s been a while, but here they are for your enjoyment!

Super Mario Throw Pillow!

16 Aug

I made this Mario throw pillow for a customer! I even got some sky fabric for the background. I really want to make a whole quilt out of popart Marios. Like, in all different colors. One of these days. I’ve got three commissions ahead of that, so we’ll see.

Made This Simple Quilt Top Yesterday

15 Aug

I made this quick and simple Halloween Quilt top… Although, the more I look at it, the more I want to use it as a quilt backing. Hmmm, decisions, decisions. I really like the spider web fabric, and the green fabrics I picked out. I did the one in light green, just as an accent piece. I still don’t know if I want this as a simple quilt top, or a backing.. Wish me luck!

Animal Sketches By Anita Goodesign!

12 Aug

I finally got this cute kid’s quilt done! I had the top sitting their forever and thought, it might be time to get cracking. I went for a random look with the blocks, and then decided on a simple lime green back, as well as lime green binding. I think it is just so cute. I’m not sure who to give it to though. I think it might end up on the bed in my guest room. It’s 84″ by 84″, so it’s like a mini-queen. Wish me luck!


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