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I Just Bought Some Fabric

29 Oct

I found these online and I just needed to share! I think these are just amazing! The one is Robert Kaufman’s Fire Rings, and the other is Timeless Treasures’ Black fern! I think they are just too cute! I’m already worried about running out of the Fire Rings fabric!

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The Holiday Season Is Here, So Are Commissions

24 Oct


Shades of grey are the background for this quilt. It’s going to be a Legend of Zelda commission, and the center it’s going to be sky blue! I’m so excited!

I Finished My Bargello Quilt!

23 Oct


I taught the class on it, and you saw the one my student made, so here is mine! I wanted fun and sporadic colors, but for my next one, I think I’ll do something more traditional. Maybe like, gold to brown, or something along those lines! This is also a present for a friend of my dad’s, so I really hope she likes it!

A Student’s Bargello Quilt Top

22 Oct

Today I taught a class over at Merrillville Sewing Center, and it was on Bargello quilts! One of my students made this adorable quilt top! I’m just so in love with it, I might want to make one for myself! She picked out the most gorgeous Jelly Roles!

The Return Of My E-Cards

20 Oct

It is the triumphant return of my sassy E Cards! I know it has been a while so here they are… more to come by this weekend!

Finished My Niece’s Quilt

20 Oct

I am pleased to announce I finished this adorable baby quilt! You know, I went to Joann’s after work on Saturday to buy some pink flannel for the back and the cut counter had a huge line so I had to go shopping in my closet, and I used this plaid flannel I found. It turned out alright!

I Made Some More Placemats

16 Oct

I’ve been working on these for a couple of days now, and I just finished my last two. One side is a cupcake, and the other side is a flip flop. I think they are just too cute! I did the applique with a regular sewing machine, but next time I think I’ll use an embroidery machine. You know, lately I’ve been trying to work on smaller projects besides quilts, because I want a few things that I can do in one sitting, versus a quilt taking a week. You know?


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