Playing With My New Wonderfil Thread

19 Apr

I’m working on a quilt for myself before I start my latest commission, and I’ve been adding embroidery to it, to help spice it up a bit! I got some of this marvelous Wonderfil thread at work. It’s marvelous! Randomly variegated color increments, and I just love it! Hopefully tonight I’ll putt it all together! Wish me luck!

Working On Some Paw Patrol Embroideries!

16 Apr

I’m doing some embroidery for a dear friend of mine over at Ray’s Sew Crafty. I’ve already done a couple of the dogs, but haven’t had a chance to take pictures of them yet. Hopefully I’ll be able to knock out quite a few more today. Wish me luck!

Working On Paw Patrol Embroideries

15 Apr


Quick Update: I downloaded a couple different sets of designs to do this for a friend. I’ll post more pictures as I do more blocks. Wish me luck!!

It’s Been A While, But Here Are Some New E Cards

9 Apr

Here you go! Happy Thursday! There’s more after the jump! Continue reading

Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Harry Potter!

7 Apr

I’ve been playing around with the embroidery software. I’ve been trying to find nerdy stuff I can embroider. This was one of them, and soon I shall be putting them up in my Etsy account! Wish me luck!

Legend Of Zelda Hand Towels

5 Apr



I’ve been having fun with my new fancy embroidery machine! In fact, I’ve even had a few orders! Here is one of the first ones I got. I finally got around to making them, and now I can ship them out tomorrow morning! I even bought some nice green towels to try things out on! I’m so excited! Wish me luck!

Here is the listing on Etsy if you want to order one!

My Latest Zelda Quilt: Silver Triforce

2 Apr

This was the first time I was asked to do a silver Legend of Zelda Quilt. I absolutely love it! I think I need to make a throw size one for myself! I’ve been burning through commissions lately, in fact I have pictures of two other quilts that I haven’t even put up yet. One of these days I’ll catch up! Wish me luck!


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