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Made This At Work – WIP

30 Jul

This is a total work in progress since I still have to make it a bit more decorative, but I think this bib is just so cute! I want to make a few more to perfect it!

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Working On A Birthday Present

29 Jul

I’ve had this quilt top for almost a year and now it is time to do something with it! It’s a birthday present for a friend of mine, and when it was just brown and blue it was a little too boring, so I added these diamonds to help make it pop, and to draw your eye to the center of the quit. What do you think of the applique? Does it make it pop?


My Modern Crazy Quilt Is Coming Together!

28 Jul

Here goes nothing! I’ve been randomly piecing this thing together all night. I’ve also been watching the Paradise on Netflix, so it was a long and interesting night. I hope everyone likes it! My class meets next Wednesday so I still need to do a little more work on it! Wish me luck!

Finsihed My Owl Potholders!

26 Jul

I did it! I actually finished them a couple of days ago, but I’ve been quite the busy fellow these days. I almost had the time to post them last night, but I ended up at a bonfire at a friend’s house. Here they are! Aren’t the cute!

Working On Some Cute Potholders!

23 Jul

So I’m teaching a class on ho to make these at work! I think are just some of the cutest potholders I’ve ever made! I cannot wait to show people how to make these at the class next Tuesday. I’ve always liked owls, so these are just too cute to pass up!

Back To The T-Shirt Quilt

20 Jul

I had to take a break from this quilt this week because I have just been swamped with work and other shenanigans! Today I sat down and cut out all of the blocks, and now I am adding sashing to them to make them all nice and framed. I was going to do all black and brown bordes, but a little bit of blu, red, and queen really spice things up and make it a bit more contemporary. What do you guys and gals think?

Planning Projects For Next Week

18 Jul

I’m planning out a few projects for next week. I think things go slightly better when I have a plan. Haha! So, here is what I am doing next. I’m making these adorable potholders for a class I am going to be teaching at the sewing center I work at! My favorite is the owl! I’m so excited! Christmas in July!


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