Quilt As You Go? Yes or No?

I already started pinning my Quilt For Miss A, and Now I’m thinking about my next project. I was thinking about possibly using the Quilt As You Go method, to just make it more fun for me, and more fun to look at. I’ve heard pretty diverse things about it. Someone once told me it was a bad idea, but then they right away tried to sell me on paying them to long arm, so I’m not sure how legit his view on Quilting As You Go was. So I’m just curious what everyone else thinks about it.

If anyone has any experiences to share, that would be very much appreciated!

Quilt as you go example

Picture via Attic Window Quilt Shop


  1. Linda says:

    I like doing the blocks but don’t like putting all the blocks together… I made a large single bed quilt as you go and the bulk was so difficult to handle on my sewing machine… The stitching together was not too good!

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