I think I Know How To Fix It

15 Jul


As everyone remembers, I was up in a  tizzy over this quilt top, which is for a very dear friend of mine, and I was just upset it wasn’t amazing. Well, I think I remedied the situation. I decided to use a brown for the border to make the center pop quite a bit more, and I really think it does. Once I finished sewing the top together, I’m going to stitch resist it in place and use bleach discharge and then blue fabric paint to make circles, which I think will really make it just that awesome! I hope this all works out as well as I hope, and I really think it will.

Follow the jump for more pictures!


One Response to “I think I Know How To Fix It”

  1. Gene Black July 15, 2013 at 8:12 pm #

    I should have spoken sooner! I thought “I would use some bleach on it and maybe add some color back to it. You know what they say “great minds!”

    I really hope it works out well. If not, cut it up and sash the pieces with a brighter color to add some POP to it.

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