Internet Nation, I Need Assistance!

Internet Nation, I Need Assistance! I’m making a quilt for my cousin and his wife, and when I asked his wife for any particular colors or patterns, she riffled around in my fat quarter collection and picked this piece out, and said she wants a quilt based on this. I just can’t seem to come up with a pattern, especially since I only have this one fat quarter of this fabric. So, I was thinking something what had a square in the middle of each block, and I could put this fabric there. Just a thought! Anyone have any other ideas for me???



  1. how are you at applique? I could see the large circular blocks done in applique, with blue sashing, and then applique smaller circles in the cornerstones. What a cool inspiration for a quilt pattern.

  2. actually the center circles are the same size, you could applique circles of alternating colors, space them out with plenty of background, and then make bias strips for the outer rings on the alternating blocks. I find this to be a very interesting idea here. It depends on how ‘true to the inspiration’ you want to be.

  3. Donna says:

    Make a disappearing nine patch. Cut squares of it as the 4 outside corners of the nine patch. Pick a constant color for middle square and a different color for other four squares. Try a few color combos and see what you like. Have fun with it.
    Donna in Oregon

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