Confessions of a Quilt-aholic: How I Honor My Mother

So, this is a hard time of year fro me because 20 years ago my mother started getting sick, and then in November of 1993 she passed away from stomach cancer. She sewed quite a bit. She made a lot of my clothes as a kid, and she made a lot of her own dresses. She also did a lot of crafts. I remember her making these really cool baskets out of ribbons. They were quite awesome! I wish I knew how to make them, or even that I had a picture of them. She also made angels for the Christmas trees of nearly everyone in my family. So when people ask me why I started sewing or why I am into crafts, I say, ‘because my Mother was.’


One of my fondest memories of my Mother was watching her sew. I used to just sit in the spare bedroom at the back of the house and watch her sew. I just used to sit and watch. I remember we had a tv in that room and it was always on for me to watch, but I never watched it, I always watched her. She was quite an amazing lady. I remember she made this blue dress that, as a kid, I just thought was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen! She also sewed the Ninja Turtles curtains that hung in my bedroom until we moved when I was 14. They were pretty kick-ass!

I really think it is because seeing her sew made me happy as a kid, that now I sew to calm myself and lift my mood. It’s funny because as any kid who lost his Mother young, I went and collected Mother-figures. One of them lived down the street, and she was also pretty crafty. Her Daughter also would sew and I loved watching her sew. So, now that I’m a right and proper adult, it makes sense I sew for a living. It always has made me happy, and always brings such fond memories up for me. Earlier in the week, I talked about sewing through my depression, and that I think comes from my Mother.

I think I also learned to cook to be more like her too. From what I remember and what others have told me about her, she was quite the domestic goddess. She cooked, sewed, crafted, and gardened. Her garden was quite nice too. I remember she had 5 gorgeous rose bushes, Asiatic lilies, and quite a bit of dianthus. I happen to love all of those. As everyone should know from my previous post, I love plants. My apartment used to have about 200 different house plants. I think I like them because she did, and it’s my way of honoring her memory. I try to be a good person, and I sure can sew, grow, and cook an amazing meal! Thanks Mom!


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