We Did It! 100,000 Views!


I’m so happy right now! I’m taking a quick break from quilting to write this post and enjoy my bowl of ice cream and watch some Modern Family! However, I just need to say how awesome all of my readers are! They got me up to 100,000 views and now I’m giving away a quilt to someone randomly selected from the viewership! I will be picking a name at random from the list of people who subscribe to the blog and the Facebook page, and the Twitter page, so if you are on all three, you get three chances at winning! I’m so happy to give away a quilt! It will be throw sized and you get to pick the colors! I’m so excited!

Follow the jump for some quilt pics!


  1. Samantha Zdrojewski says:

    I follow you on Facebook,but do not have Twitter,don’t understand Twitter.
    Love all your quilts you’ve posted.

  2. Jackie says:

    Eric, Oh.My.God. That 2nd sentence is so eerily similar to my day, that I could scarcely believe it was simply a coincidence! At the exact moment I was reading your blog post, I was eating ice cream AND watching Modern Family, myself! I know this sounds a little farfetched, but I am NOT making it up… Cross my Heart! Just wanted to share that with you. I adore your quilts and would very much like to pick your brain sometime, regarding a particular project.

  3. Jean MN says:

    I am totally in love with your Mario quilt. Could be that I made one (that I shared on FB w/you) for my grandson a few years back. Need to make a Princess Daisy or Peach for my granddaughter. Love how you put your mad math skills to work on the quilts. Yes, I follow (haunt) you on FB, Twitter, and this blog. 🙂

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