Confessions of a Quilt-aholic: Ugly Fabric Doesn’t Come Cheap!


We all know that some fabric out there is UGLY! I’m not talking about your run-of-the-mill ugly. I’m talking about the ‘you dry heave a little’ when you see it! Heck! Some of this fabric makes me want to dry heave a lot! I do mean A LOT! For instance, I was on spoonflower, and yes, there is some amazing stuff on spoonflower, but some of it makes me weep a little for humanity! I mean, some of those prints make me was to cry, just lock myself in my bathroom, sit in my bath tub, turn the shower head on, and cry! Hell, I might even throw on some cheap mascara and then cry, just so it drips down my face for emphasis! I mean, it’s so ugly it offends all of my senses, including taste and smell! I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder and all, but come on people!

I mean, I’m very socially awkward, as I’m sure all of you have caught on to (We all know about the pop-tart thing), but how am I supposed to react to fabric that ugly! I feel like fabric that is that ugly can stifle creativity! I mean, Archie Bunker could have used it to stifle Edith, Gloria, and Meat-Head. (Please tell me people get that reference…)

Here comes the sad part… It isn’t even cheap! One would figure if a fabric is going to be that offensive, then it should be much cheaper than less offensive fabric. The sad part is, that it isn’t cheaper! When I got Joann Fabrics, I see the clearance section. In fact, some of the fabric burns me when I touch it, but then I see the ugliest of it all, and the clearance price is 8 dollars a yard, and at that point my jaw hits the ground! And for the cherry on top of the cake…. half of the bolt is gone. Someone has taken it upon themselves to punish humanity buy buying, and then using this fabric! My only hope is that the person took one for the team, bought it, and then destroyed it. That is my only hope!

Wow, this article made me sad. I’m going to go and fondle my fat quarters until I feel better! Until then, tell me about the ugliest fabric you have ever seen! Maybe I’ll even talk about the one I had in mind! So make sure to check out the comments!


  1. Tyra Flores says:

    Hey Eric, this is so true sometimes we have lot of fabric that are ugly but we have them anyway as those fabric are branded and we brought them with the feeling that they will look good once when we put them on or attach them with the furniture. When a designer releases his design range there are are many designs which are good but it is not sure that it will suit with your combination. So it depends on your choice how you select your fabric whether it is for your clothing or for any other purpose.

    Reference :

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  3. Melissa says:

    I was always taught that no fabric is ugly, it’s just not being used properly.

    I’m not sure I can swallow that.
    I don’t have enough time to figure out how to use those pieces in a way that they don’t look ugly. I have too many ideas for the fabulous-looking ones!

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