Should I Start Selling Patterns?

I’ve been asked a few times for patterns, and was wondering if I should start selling them? I can sell them on Etsy as digital files, and I think it might be a smart move? What does everyone else think? Should I also offer paper patterns?


  1. Absolutely! Especially if you are selling them as digital files, there’s no real investment. My only input is I never buy a digital pattern for the same price as a printed one. I order the printed one just on principle – why should I use my own paper for the same cost? I know some boys who would love me to make them the gamer quilt.

  2. Barbara says:

    Go for it. Also sell on Craftsy- it will cost you nothing to sell there. And Pattern Spot (they take a substantial percentage, but once you have pdf’s of your patterns, why not market them everywhere you can?).

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