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I Started Selling Embroidery Patterns

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I wanted to for a long time, and now I’m finally getting all of my digitizing done! I know it took a while, because I started talking about it months ago. Since my injury, I haven’t been able to sew much, but I started to use all of the other sewing stuff I have. I started to pound out embroideries, and then I also started to use my digitizing software. In fact, all through the summer, take 20% off my embroidery patterns with promo code: 20Emb. Click on the picture or here to visit the shop!

Should I Start Selling Patterns?

I’ve been asked a few times for patterns, and was wondering if I should start selling them? I can sell them on Etsy as digital files, and I think it might be a smart move? What does everyone else think? Should I also offer paper patterns?

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