Confessions of a Quilt-aholic: I Want You To Want Me…

Does anyone else know hoe good that feeling it when you give someone something and they are just so elated you become elated through a contact high? I love that feeling, in fact, that is why I quilt so much. After all of the 20 something quilt tops, and 8 quilts I have made, I have yet to complete one for myself. I’ve made a few on commission, but mostly I just give them to people in my life who I like. I’ve made on for my Aunt and Uncle who are like parents to me, and I’ve made one for my roommate and her daughter, and now my Dad too. I have 2 quilt tops that I did make for myself, but I have yet to quilt them. The Frozen Star Quilt is for me. I love that thing, but every time I get close to quilting it, I feel the need to make one for someone else.

I think that possibly this need to make things for other people comes from a long past of needing to be needed. I’ve always wanted to be needed. I lost my Mother when I was young, and I just wanted attention as a child. I found out that positive attention was so fulfilling, that I could just do things for people and they would love me. I loved it! I’ve always wanted to be loved, and when I give someone a quilt I get this feeling of happiness and fullness, that I just can;t get anywhere else. Between that, and the feeling I get when I complete a project, taking it from a pile of fabric, and turning it into a gorgeous quilt, made with love, I can be the happiest boy in the village.

The happiness that comes from quilting, is the main reason why I do it. I don’t really consider myself an artist, because I lack any artistic vision, and I really don;t consider myself a homemaker, because I hate cleaning. So, I just call myself a ‘Quiltist’. I just enjoy quilting. I don;t think anything could bring em the amount of joy that quilting does. I just makes me feel warm and fuzzy. In the words of Cheap Trick, “I want you to want me.” And, if I make you enough quilts, you might just love me!



  1. Aunt Cindy says:

    I love the quilt top you made for yourself! Now go quilt it. I’m finishing one for me that I made 2 years ago (the top) and quilted last week. I just have to finish the binding. I deserve one of my own quilts. You do, too!

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