No, I Don’t Hate Phil Robertson!

People have been saying a lot about this, and I think people are misunderstanding my stance on it, so I’m going to flat out say it once and for all. I’m a blogger! I support free speech! However, Phil had a contract with A&E to be a public figure representing A&E. Once A&E felt he was misrepresenting them, they suspended him. It’s in his contract. You see, he signed a contract to represent A&E, and in exchange, he got a lot of money. Basically, what I am annoyed with, is that people think this is a freedom of speech issue. He is not being censored. A&E in no way is taking away his right to free speech, but they can take away their pay check when they feel he doesn’t represent them in a positive light. This is not a constitutional issue, this is contract law. He signed and cashed the pay checks. No one forced him to. I just think people exude ignorance when they state this is a freedom of speech issue. It’s not. Sorry.

Also, I don’t hate Phil Robertson for what he said. He said what he believed. It’s his freedom of speech to express himself, and it is my freedom of speech to call him an ignorant redneck, but I don’t hate him. I’m glad he is sticking to his guns. I am actually hoping that he will stick to his statements so that eventually the show will be cancelled and I won’t have to hear about that family anymore!



  1. Free speech says:

    It’s ignorant people like you that should get off this public venue. Voice your opinion somewhere else. This place is for people to share their creativity not their ignorant opinions.

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