Daily Archives: March 22, 2014

Finished The Table Runner

I finished the quilting on this beautiful table runner! I cannot wait to hang it at the store on Tuesday. I have Monday off, so hopefully I’ll get a little bit more quilting done soon! I just love this applique. I think I’m going to do one that is Solar System oriented next. I really like it Or, I can do something spring themed, and use the circles for flowers and flower pedals. We’ll see!

Working On A Table Runner

Now that I painted my kitchen a lovely shade of pistachio ice cream, I need to redecorate! I started this table runner at work last week, and hopefully I can finish the quilting on it tomorrow, so I can hang it up in the store for a couple on months before taking it home! I just love the embroidery features on the Designer Diamond Royale. I really, really, really want one! I did this with the build in applique tools on the machine design program, and now I cannot wait to finish it so I can stare at it! I really do need one of the embroidery machines at home. Imagine all of the work I could get done! It would be insane! Anyways, wish me luck on quilting this!

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