Another Embroidered Pillow Sneak Peek


This is going to be one lovely throw pillow! I did the embroidery at work, and I have the pieces cut to start the quilting it, but I’m quilting the Colt’s Quilt tonight so it will have to wait until tomorrow. The more I work on an Embroidery machine, the more I want one! I so desperately want one! Someone buy me a Viking Designer Ruby Deluxe! I’ll be your best friend forever!

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  1. Sharon Bese says:

    I bought a “new to me” Viking ruby designer for a lot less than a new one and it was very much loved by the previous owner. It works perfectly. If you have a good viking dealer close to you check with them on a regular basis for trade ins. The lady that had me went up yo the diamond. Lucky her. Sharon

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