Quilting The Triforce – I Love Variegated Thread

4 Dec

I basted and started quilting the Triforce quilt last night. I was going to do the background first, and then the bird and Triforce afterwards, but I was too tired, so I just did the bird and Triforce. I took about one third the time of doing the background, so I end up getting to bed around 3:30am. I have to work at 9:45, so I might be a little tired today, but it is totally worth it! I’ll finish quilting the background tonight, and if I’m luck I can bind it as well, then wash and mail it out on Friday.

Question for my quliter friends: Do you wash your quilts before you give them away?


One Response to “Quilting The Triforce – I Love Variegated Thread”

  1. Kris December 15, 2014 at 11:46 am #

    First, I have no idea what a “tri-force” is, but I like the design and am sure it is meaningful in some way. I do wash my quilts after I am done assembling them, before giving them. I find that they are pretty “stiff” before washing, and afterward are softer and more “cuddly” — and I would prefer the recipient realize how cozy the quilt is when they first receive it.

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