Finished Piecing My Top For The Craft Shows

In the late hours of yesterday I finally finished piecing my quilt top. I did want it to be slightly larger, but the piece f scrap batting that I was using was a couple inches shorter than I it had to be…. So I went with a 3 by 3 block quilt with red sashing. I love it! I cannot wait until I start quilting it today!!!! Everyone who is going to the Original Craft Creator show in Elkhart will see it this weekend!


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  1. manyironsinthefire says:

    Eric, you don’t have to post this reply, but somehow I lost the link to the Stitches from the Heart group on fb…I clickes something when I wasn’t looking or my hand was unsteady on the mouse or something. anyway, I didn’t mean to leave the group, and I think that is what happened. can you get someone to add me again? Thanks hon.
    Shilo Rives

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