I Finished The Equality Quilt!

11 Nov

Since I failed at my list for yesterday, I’m going to try to make it up today. This quilt took me much longer than I had originally anticipated, so it ate into the time I had allotted for the rest of my daily shenanigans. I used basting spray, and I hated it! I couldn’t quilt at high speed, the thread kept breaking, and I tried re-threading it, switching spools, everything! When I would sew too fast the needle would get hot, and then it would melt the adhesive and it stuck to the thread causing it to break! I’m going to stick to pinning my quilts from now on! lol


Follow the jump for more pictures!


2 Responses to “I Finished The Equality Quilt!”

  1. mji2013 January 10, 2014 at 7:39 am #

    Hmm, your experience with basting spray is interesting. I’ve used it for at least 10 years without problem. Perhaps you are spraying it too thick? I can get almost two queen sized quilts out of one can of Sulky KK2000. I spray it very lightly. Also cotton batting, sized 90 needle, mostly King Tut thread. Good luck!


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    […] to move on to my next commission quilt which is one of my favorite scrap quilts! It’s the Marriage Equality Quilt! I love making these because it is a chance to clear out my scrap bin! All of my half used fat […]

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