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Still Making Coasters

I’ve started to work on my Christmas induced debauchery now that I have finished my latest quilting project. I’ve made a total of 124 coasters so far and have mailed some out to friends and family. I have a craft show to be a vendor at in November, so it is time to stockpile all of these fun things!

Tomorrow…. Pot Holders!

I’ve Been Invited To Guest Blog!!!

Today I was asked to guest blog for someone’s site. It was the best feeling in the world. I always thought my ramblings were just that, ramblings and people never really paid much attention to them! I’m so excited! I’ll post the blog on here when they post my guest blurb!

I’m excited!

Finished My Etsy Ordered Zelda Quilt!

I finally finished the most beautiful quilt in the world! Well, maybe that is slightly overreaching. I ended up doing a variegated thread on the top of gold, green, and burnt orange, and then orange on the back! I absolutely love it! I hope the client will too!

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