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New zelda Quilt In The Works….

As some people already know, especially if they follow my facebook page, the Zelda quilt I made is quite popular and now, I have another order placed for one! This one is going to be quite a bit of fun as the background is a couple of different colors. It’s going to be a blend of greys, charcoals, and then some darker red, blue, and green! I’m really excited for this quilt!

Follow the jump for the fabric choices!!!

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Leather Cuffs Have Made Their Way Tio My Etsy Shop!!!

Since I posted these a about 6 or 8 weeks ago, I’ve gotten quite a few people asking about them, so I decided to put them on my ETSY SHOP to see if anyone would buy them! Here is to hoping!


Check them out at my ETSY SHOP

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I’ve Been Cutting All Of This Fabric For Potholders and Coasters…



I’ve finally got all of the fabric cut to make my coasters and pot holders. These are all of the cut pieces for coasters, and I have a lot of the same fabrics cut in larger squares for pot holders and mug rugs. I don’t know about anyone else but this is putting in the mood for some holiday cheer! AKA: Eggnog and Ginger Cookies!

I’ll post pictures as soon as they are done! Which should be soon! LOL!

Follow the jump for more pictures!

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