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I Messed Up My Scarf… Darn

As always my the thread from Wonderfil’s Mirage line looks astounding, but I used the wrong stabilizer for the embroidery on my fall scarf. I meant to use a wash away, but I used some tear and wash. Well, I tore, but it didn’t wash.  It still has the stabilizer stuck to the back between the stitches, and now I’m at a loss. I’ve washed it about 7 times, and it still won’t come off. I’m thinking about using a chenille brush to see if I can get rid of the remainder. Any thoughts?

Working On A Scarf Made OF Ribbon!!!!

So, I saw this tutorial on a website the other day, and I decided to change it up a bit and make a scarf made out of ribbon and fabric scraps! I just rinsed all the water soluble stabilizer off of them, and they are drying right now. I’ll post more pictures later today! Wish me luck!

Stabilizer? Yes or No?

I’ve had a few people ask me about stabilizer for fabric the past few weeks. I decided to dip my toe in the water and ask everyone who reads this!

I’ve never used it, but every now and then, I think to myself, it would be nice for some projects, but I also hear it makes the fabric not as soft and makes it rather rigid and uncomfortable. I know people say to use it for wall hangings because you won’t be touching them, and it helps get you those perfect corners! I just don;t know, so I’m hoping one of the readers will help me out here, and help everyone else out as well by letting me know what they think.

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