I Messed Up My Scarf… Darn

As always my the thread from Wonderfil’s Mirage line looks astounding, but I used the wrong stabilizer for the embroidery on my fall scarf. I meant to use a wash away, but I used some tear and wash. Well, I tore, but it didn’t wash.  It still has the stabilizer stuck to the back between the stitches, and now I’m at a loss. I’ve washed it about 7 times, and it still won’t come off. I’m thinking about using a chenille brush to see if I can get rid of the remainder. Any thoughts?


    • Mimi says:

      If you used the correct stabilizer that said it would wash away, I would contact the company that made the stabilizer and see what they had to offer.

  1. Leslie Coduti says:

    Test some of the stabilizer only with some organic solvents. Start with ethanol, then isopropyl alcohol then acetone. One of these solvents may be more effective. If one of them work then test the solvent against a piece of your fabric. I doubt that you can find MEK (methy ethyl ketone) All of these are soluble in water too. Good luck.

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