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Finished My Blue Zelda Commission

I did it! The last holiday quilt order is finished! Now I do have another quilt I have to work on, but I’m taking a couple of days off first. Maybe I’ll play with my serger, or work on my Pokeball quilt. We will see. Although tonight, I’m just going to snuggle up and watch tv from my bed.

Spending The Day Quilting

As the snow drifts by my sewing room window, and as I re-watch American Horror Story: Coven on Netflix, I’m wondering why I don’t spend all my spare time sewing. I’m also wondering why Anna Paquin is not on American Horror Story… One can hope for season 5! I get such a rush from watching something come together! I mean, now grant it, this quilt already had the fabric ironed and cut, so I guess that might have something to do with it. Hmmm. Oh well, I’ll just keep on sewing this together, and hopefully I’ll start the quilting on it tonight! Wish me luck!

Got The Blue Fabric For My Latest Commission

I hate holiday shipping! I finally got the fabric though! I love the blues I got in the mail! I was a little worried they wouldn’t be saturated enough, but they are just so cute! A couple are even from Joann’s when I went a little out of control during the moonlight madness sale! Great way to use some of it up!

Finished Blue Friforce! I Love The Binding!

I finally finished it! I actually finished it this morning, so I’m so relieved about that! The deadline is Friday, so I still had a little bit of time, but I can now relax and know that it is done. I changed up the binding a bit on this one. I think from now on, I’m going to bind these Zelda quilts in whatever color the center is. I think it really ties the whole thing together! What do you think?

Blue Triforce Quilt Top Is Done

I’ve been like dying from an allergic reaction I had to blue cheese, so I haven’t posted much lately, but I have been working! I finished this quilt top, and I even started to quilt it! I’m so excited to get close to being finished! I love it when people order this quilt in some non-traditional colors! Keeps me on my toes! I can’t wait to mail it out! Hopefully by Monday, or Tuesday at the latest! Wish me luck!

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