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Are You Silent?

Why is my website the only one covering this story? Out of the hundreds of quilt blogs, why is mine the only one taking notice? People constantly make quilts about fighting homophobia, sexism, racism, and ignorance, and now these people have suddenly fallen silent. The things we are fighting against are happening in our own community! This is not the time to remain silent. I have a book on my shelf called ‘Quilts and Human Rights’, and it’s filled with quilts that fight injustice. There is injustice in the quilting community, in our own back yards, and so many people are silent. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of people have commented about how wrong this group is, but no one else is taking a deeper look at the problems in the quilting community. Where is everyone? Why aren’t people writing about this? Why is it limited to writing something on someone else’s Facebook page. Why isn’t this story splattered across quilting blogs? A phrase I picked up yesterday was, “If you allow it in your circle, you condone it.” I sure as hell don’t condone it. Do you?

List Of Places/People I will Not Support


These are businesses I will no longer have any contact with. I’m not telling you to boycott or stop buying things from these people, but I have made a list of people who will not receive money from me, as I will not support someone who engages in this group of people. I did not list any personal information. I do not care what day job they have, nor will I ever contact any of their employers. I simply will not support the quilting of these people. I do ask that you not harass the people on the list. If I missed one, please comment, and I will update the list.

I did not make them available on my home page, so you have to follow the jump to see the list.

EDIT: Kelly Hanson has been removed from the list, please do not contact her.

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More Bigoted Posts


So much hate, and so much nastiness. I said I would post more screen shots from this group as they become public and here they are. I have to go to work now, but later tonight, I’ll be working on the list of quilters and this they have published (patterns and books), so we know who not to give our money to. Personally, I refuse to do business with people who try to spread hate. Karen McTavish and Jamie Wallen have done nothing but help quilters! They have helped spread the art of quilting and have taught so many! In fact, they have taught some of the quilters in this group. I think that makes me the saddest. They are up these people’s faces grinning, and then talking shit about them behind their back! I have to imagine most of this comes from ignorance and fear of anyone different from yourself, but I personally think a lot of it has to do with jealousy.

A note to Karen and Jamie: I was talking to my adoptive grandmother about all of this last night. She is a 64 year old black female quilter, and she was outraged and furious about they way these people have treated you. She has experienced so much of this personally because of racism in the quilting community, and she’s sad anyone has to go through this. Karen, her direct quote was, “I’m sorry Karen has to deal with this, her shit is on hit, and these women and just jealous.” Jamie, my grandmother said your quilts were gorgeous and you are an amazingly talent artist. Just keep doing what you both are doing and power through it, because you are amazingly talented and these people are just petty and ignorant. We cannot stop them from thinking this way, but personally, I will not support hateful people. I will neither be buying their products, nor will I be visiting their websites or classes. I will actively be looking forward to any class time I can spend with anyone mentioned in their posts.

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Bigoted Quilters


I’m sure everyone with their ear to the ground has been hearing about this one. A certain group of quilters decided to posse up and go after what they considered “Liberal Quilters”. Well, someone broke ranks and started taking pictures of what they were posting. These things weren’t very nice. In fact, many of them were bigoted and hurtful. The quilting community has always been very kind to me, so it is very sad to see something so hurtful tied in with the art of quilting. Among the targeted were quite a few quilters I look up to. I will not stand by while these people are being targeted. This group has even tried to get people fired from their jobs. They were colluding to adversely affect certain quilter’s book sales, classes and employment, including sponsors. I decided to post the screen shots. The names have not been blurred out because these were posts on facebook, which even though they listed the group as secret, still falls under public domain. As more of them come out, I’ll update this post. I’m also working on a running roster of the people involved, and what their quilt brand is so, so I can avoid buying things they profit from. I will not support people who are hateful or vile!

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