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So much hate, and so much nastiness. I said I would post more screen shots from this group as they become public and here they are. I have to go to work now, but later tonight, I’ll be working on the list of quilters and this they have published (patterns and books), so we know who not to give our money to. Personally, I refuse to do business with people who try to spread hate. Karen McTavish and Jamie Wallen have done nothing but help quilters! They have helped spread the art of quilting and have taught so many! In fact, they have taught some of the quilters in this group. I think that makes me the saddest. They are up these people’s faces grinning, and then talking shit about them behind their back! I have to imagine most of this comes from ignorance and fear of anyone different from yourself, but I personally think a lot of it has to do with jealousy.

A note to Karen and Jamie: I was talking to my adoptive grandmother about all of this last night. She is a 64 year old black female quilter, and she was outraged and furious about they way these people have treated you. She has experienced so much of this personally because of racism in the quilting community, and she’s sad anyone has to go through this. Karen, her direct quote was, “I’m sorry Karen has to deal with this, her shit is on hit, and these women and just jealous.” Jamie, my grandmother said your quilts were gorgeous and you are an amazingly talent artist. Just keep doing what you both are doing and power through it, because you are amazingly talented and these people are just petty and ignorant. We cannot stop them from thinking this way, but personally, I will not support hateful people. I will neither be buying their products, nor will I be visiting their websites or classes. I will actively be looking forward to any class time I can spend with anyone mentioned in their posts.

Follow the jump for more screenshots…

More screenshots here.


  1. Angel says:

    Interesting post. You have an advertisement for the GOP candidate, Greg Gianforte, at the top of your post. Do you mean to stump for him?

    • Elm says:

      Angel, most ads you see online are targeted based on your own personal search history. So the ads you see are different than the ads others see (and are meant to be about things you’re interested in). So an algorithm somewhere thinks you’re interested in Greg Gianforte. I see an ad for sports bras, probably because google/adworks knows I read about running a lot.

  2. Nana says:

    I’m not for either party but I just want to point out this: Why is it ok for liberals to rant about conservatives but not vice versa? If you want to stop the hate, this is not the way to do it. Calling out names of those in a private forum or in this case a clique is just as bad. If I took a class and the instructor was cussing up a storm I would not be staying. This comes from experience, because when I pay good money for someone to teach me I expect a professional attitude. No one needs to swear to get the point across.

    • It’s really not the same. They were messing with someone’s Innova contract. I only posted their personal brands. I’m not hiding in a group. I’m out here fighting! Someone just shared with me, “What you allow in your circle, you condone.” I sure as hell do not condone what they did. I do not condone they way they talk about people behind their backs. I do not condone homophobia. I do not condone sexism. I do not condone ignorance.

    • tdspringer says:

      Nana, first of all, when I rant I don’t name names. Neither did Jamie. Second, if they (the conservatives) want to rant about me by name, they can have at it. I have big shoulders and I wear my big girl panties. I never attack anyone personally. I WILL respond, however. If you attack me; I do believe that is my right. I will also respond, with war flags flying, if you attack my family or friends. In case you didn’t notice, these people were SNEAKING around in a secret group, created specifically to attack Jamie, Karen and Sherry and to not only TALK about them but to take action including destroying their businesses, among other (worse) things. And, while they used politics as an excuse, make no mistake, this was as much about professional jealousy as it was about a difference in political opinion. In fact, Karen is not one to openly rant… She’s more of an action kind of girl. She’s not even ON Facebook much anymore. Attacking her was all about jealousy.

      As for teaching, not every teacher is to our style. If you can’t handle the occasional f-bomb, that’s your right. I know a lot of women of rather “delicate” construct (my mom was one…my stepmom, not so much) that would not find Karen to their liking as a teacher and that’s ok. However, I will say, the post about her is not accurate. Karen does not swear all the time or even frequently. And she is certainly not rude! She is as generous with her knowledge as anyone I know. And Jamie is the most Christian person I know.

      However, I will say, I heartily disagree with your statement: “Calling out names of those in a private forum or in this case a clique (no, in this case a secret group formed specifically to foster hate- this is NOT some harmless mean girls clique) is just as bad.” This is a poison, a disease. The boil needed to be lanced and the evil exposed. One of my favorite sayings is: “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (or women) to say nothing.” Sitting back and pretending this group didn’t exist and didn’t do what they did isn’t the right thing to do. It’s the lazy, fingers-in-your-ears-saying-nahnahnah-I-can’t-hear-you thing to do. It’s the ignorant, complicit thing to do. And no, I don’t expect everyone to stand up and yell…but these people who were attacked are my friends. It’s my right and my duty to defend them.

      Just wanted to clarify. YMMV…..

  3. tdspringer says:

    Just a note: Sherry Rogers-Harrison was also their target. She is also a person who has given so much of her time and shared so much of her knowledge with any and all who asked.

    • I recently became friends with Sherry on facebook. Her quilts are quite amazing! It’s truly a shame she was targeted by this group. Those screen shots are in the first round of posts.

  4. tdspringer says:

    BTW, proud to be “Teri the nut job” in the one screen shot….I guess refusing to be duped by a hater makes me a nut job…so be it. But puleeze bitch, I prefer QUIRKY.

  5. tdspringer says:

    BTW, I’m trying to figure out why Norma keeps going to Frank’s page to “see stuff” (see what?) when she finds him so offensive. In general I avoid people I find offensive….Is it just me??

  6. Anonymous says:

    This seems like it’s all an offshoot of recent American politics, where people without practical suggestions, ideas or solutions just attack anyone who has them. If they were really Conservative Quilters, they would be making their own stencils from their own drafts, cutting with scissors, piecing by hand and hand quilting. Are they >

  7. Helen Ducker says:

    This seems like it’s all an offshoot of recent American politics, where people without practical suggestions, ideas or solutions just attack anyone who has them. If they were really Conservative Quilters, they would be making their own stencils from their own drafts, cutting with scissors, piecing by hand and hand quilting. Are they ?

  8. Jenny Bowker says:

    Eric I am horrified to have heard what some people are putting up with – in a world I belong to and thought was kind.
    I can’t see screenshots but really want to know what this is about? Please?

  9. Marsailiquilts says:

    Wow, what a bunch of nasty women!! I definitely want that list—one of them posted that she refused to spend her money on any of the liberal quilters—-I just refuse to spend my liberal money on any of THEIR products. I don’t care who anyone votes for—as long as they are decent people—these women are not decent people. Disgusting. Thanks for letting us see the screenshots, I recognized a few names, I will be avoiding them from here on out.

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