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Started Designing A New Quilt


I decided to channel all of this anger into something creative. I feel like I’m expending too much energy getting worked up over rereading the posts from that group. I decided to channel into making the quilt I;m donating to the Human Rights Campaign Diner fundraiser in Washington DC this year. Last year I did an Orlando tribute quilt with 49 equal signs. This year I’ll be making a 4 panel wall hanging. This is the art for the first block. Now I have to decided…. Embroidery or applique?

Hopefully the block isn’t too hard to understand.

Attacking Children… Shame On Them!


Seriously, attacking someone’s child. Name calling. That is where we are at. It’s disgusting. These people actually attacked someone’s child, who is a minor, with name calling. This woman posted a video about how hurt she was that these people targeted her, and then they continue to target her and her bring her son into it. This is vile. These people are bullies and should be labeled as such. Don’t believe these people would sink that low, check it out. Continue reading

Are You Silent?

Why is my website the only one covering this story? Out of the hundreds of quilt blogs, why is mine the only one taking notice? People constantly make quilts about fighting homophobia, sexism, racism, and ignorance, and now these people have suddenly fallen silent. The things we are fighting against are happening in our own community! This is not the time to remain silent. I have a book on my shelf called ‘Quilts and Human Rights’, and it’s filled with quilts that fight injustice. There is injustice in the quilting community, in our own back yards, and so many people are silent. Don’t get me wrong, plenty of people have commented about how wrong this group is, but no one else is taking a deeper look at the problems in the quilting community. Where is everyone? Why aren’t people writing about this? Why is it limited to writing something on someone else’s Facebook page. Why isn’t this story splattered across quilting blogs? A phrase I picked up yesterday was, “If you allow it in your circle, you condone it.” I sure as hell don’t condone it. Do you?

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