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Bigoted Quilters


I’m sure everyone with their ear to the ground has been hearing about this one. A certain group of quilters decided to posse up and go after what they considered “Liberal Quilters”. Well, someone broke ranks and started taking pictures of what they were posting. These things weren’t very nice. In fact, many of them were bigoted and hurtful. The quilting community has always been very kind to me, so it is very sad to see something so hurtful tied in with the art of quilting. Among the targeted were quite a few quilters I look up to. I will not stand by while these people are being targeted. This group has even tried to get people fired from their jobs. They were colluding to adversely affect certain quilter’s book sales, classes and employment, including sponsors. I decided to post the screen shots. The names have not been blurred out because these were posts on facebook, which even though they listed the group as secret, still falls under public domain. As more of them come out, I’ll update this post. I’m also working on a running roster of the people involved, and what their quilt brand is so, so I can avoid buying things they profit from. I will not support people who are hateful or vile!

Follow the jump for a blurb by one of the people affected, and some of the screen shots. Continue reading

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