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I Picked Up Some Serger Thread


I can’t help myself! It was buy one get one free at Joann’s! I know you really only need to change the needle thread when you use the serger, but I’m making some change purses and I just really want the edges to look better, so I think the same color thread as fabric would be a better option.

Serger Tutorial: Small Makeup Bag

These cute little make up bags are super easy to make when you have a serger! The serger trims, overcasts, and puts on your zipper! Just make sure to use a heavy enough fabric and to use a plastic zipper! To be honest I would not recommend doing this on a very cheap serger, as it will have to sew through the zipper, and some cheaper sergers cannot handle it.

What you’ll need for this project:

1. 8 inch plastic zipper

2. Piece of fabric (I used upholstery fabric) that is 7″ by 14″

3. Pins

Follow the jump for the directions. Continue reading

Finished The Duvet Cover

It took me a while, but I made this duvet cover for a customer! I wanted to finish it last night, but I had a date to go on, so I was a bit preoccupied! However, I just finished sewing the velcro on to close up the opening, so I’m quite excited to get this in the mail on Monday! I hope he likes it! It was quite an adventure, this being the first project I used my serger on! It was quite the good investment! I feel like I’m going to be using it a lot!

Using My Serger Like A Boss!

I’m so proud of myself! I actually used my serger, and got all the tensions right, and it turned out great! I used it to make the duvet cover I’m working on, and I think it gave it a nice professional seam on the inside, and now I don’t have to worry about it fraying! I’m so happy I have a serger now! I feel like he and I are going to be good friends!

I Just Got A Serger!

I took the plunge! I got a Viking 200S serger! I’m just in love with it! Now, to be honest, I never thought I would need a serger, but I had someone tell me about how they put on the binding with a serger, and I thought… “Well that sounds amazing!” So, now I have a serger to play around with! I just have to wait for serger thread to go on sale… not that I don’t have any, but now I need more! Last night all I really had time to do was play around with the tensions a bit because I’ve got a few commissions to work on, but after the holidays, I’m going to be pounding out throw pillows on it! Wish me luck!

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