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Mastering My Embroidery Machine

I’ve been working on a Zelda Commission quilt, but as I’m sewing it, I’ve been embroidering in the background. It’s so nice to press a start button and walk away! Hahaha! So here are just a few samples of what I have done so far! What do you all think?

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Working On Some Triforce Embroideries!

I just bought a new Embroidery Machine, but I’ll talk about that later. I’ve been breaking in the machine with some Legend of Zelda designs! Okay, well, one design, but I did it in a bunch of fun colors! What do you guys think?

I Finished The Red Zelda Quilt Top

I finished it! Well, the quilt top is finished, but that’s what the customer ordered, so I’m so happy it turned out great! I just love this color pattern! It has already been mailed out, so I can start work on my last quilt before Christmas! Tetris! Wish me luck! Not much sleep for me until after the holidays!


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