My Latest Project: “A Prayer For Zachary”


You all remember the scarves I made from scraps I’ve been posting about, well here is a quilt in the same vein. I sewed some squares I had from previous projects together into 25″ squares, then took a bunch of scraps I had and started sewing them down onto the panels. It was not easy to make this happen without stiffening the hell out of my fabric. I didn’t want to use and kind of permanent stabilizer because I do want this as a bed quilt, so instead, I got creative…

I always keep my scraps of water soluble stabilizer from various projects. I;m very happy I saved them, as they were quite the problem fixer. I put them in a bowl and added some water, and then mixed well. A paintbrush was used to paint the watery mixture onto the fabric. Then it dried and it was stuff and marvelous!!! It took about 5 hours to dry, and then it was ready to sew on! Like I said, I didn’t want to use any iron on stabilizer or something like that, because with the multiple layers of fabric on top of these panels, I got worried how difficult and thick some parts would become. I think it turned out nicely!

I did it on my melamine covered sewing table. I sprayed some silicone down on the table so any of the mixture that seeped through the fabric would not make it stick to the table.

Now, I’m almost done sewing on scraps, and the third part of this project is commencing, but I’ll talk about that later, as I’m still working on it!!

Wish me luck!

Here are some photos from this projects so far!

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