May 31st, 2017 – More Leaked Screenshots!


Today, is a sad day. Quiltgate is getting deep, and I have fallen down the rabbit hole… I have more screenshots from the secret quilters group, now renamed “Conservative With Common Interest”. The Hate in these is ridiculous. One person even tells others to report quilters they don’t like to the IRS, and for what reason, other than to stick them with an audit to tie up their time. (This is literally accusing someone of a felony offense.) Other topics include Threads of Resistance, MQX, and Jinny Beyer. You know, a valuable lesson could be learned, and even should be learned. What you do in darkness always comes to the light! Once again, this is classified as bullying. Just bullying, plain and simple. I cannot stress enough how the activity outline in the follow posts is unacceptable. The longer this goes on, without any of these big named quilters standing up to hate, I become more jaded about the quilting community.

If you would like to see them, there are 18. 18 pages of group conversation. 18 pages of trying to harm people’s careers.

Here is another gallery of all the other screenshots posted so far…


  1. Judy P. says:

    I have been heart broken for my country since the election. I’ve lived through Nixon, Reagan, and W., but Trump just shows how low we can go. Unfortunately, it seems as though there are some people who just can’t be talked out of their hateful beliefs. Logic and facts mean nothing. I have no idea what to do.

    • fauxhoux says:

      You are illogical and can’t stand the facts. You sound stupid, You forgot the Carter and Clinton so you must be close to 70 years old. Seems as though you’ve been pretty lucking that you’re still alive, when so many people all around the world have died. You must be self-centered still to think you matter. You may only have 8 years left. Seems the dumber you are the longer you live.

  2. I love how they’re boycotting MQX for not being conservative enough, when others are boycotting because they hire hateful bigots as instructors. Is ANYONE going to be there?

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