Another Response


It’s 7am. I’m getting ready for work. I was thinking about a response I got yesterday evening… I must say, it’s a heck of a lot better than the last one! This one actually sounds thought out. The last one was vulgar. Vulgar in it’s simplicity. Vulgar in its message. This one is not vulgar. I’m glad she wrote apologies to the people involved. I’m glad she actively tried to do something.

Lisa Burmann: Dear Eric, I want to thank you for reaching out to me regarding my take on Quiltgate. The entire situation is disheartening. I do not have anything new to add to this situation. I have removed myself from the firestorm since it started nearly two weeks ago. I have not been reading any of the threads and comments (I haven’t been commenting on any pages either). I have, however, received some inappropriate comments from people I don’t know on a group page.

How I was initially involved is as follows. I posted a comment on someone’s post about a negative experience I had with an instructor to which people took offense. If a customer has a negative experience, they have a right to share it. The instructor mocked me in a group of students and I found it unprofessional. I did not criticize her work or her appearance. I do think she is a very talented artist and I do have all her books.

In regards to the only posting I made, I thought it was appropriate to send an apology to those three people (which I did 10 days ago ā€“ shortly after this started). I did not receive a response from two of them, which is fine. I did not ask for a response. Unfortunately, one person forwarded my heartfelt apology to another FB user who chose to post it and mock me unmercifully. Aside from this, I would like to add, I do admire the work of those three people. As artists, I find their work to be excellent in design.

I have seen where some of the members of the Conservative group page have been accused of being homophobic. I will straight up tell you that I am not. I have a relative who is a lesbian and my hairdresser (and his partner, my jeweler) have been my dear friends for over 20 years. I care deeply for these people ā€“ so that’s not any kind of talk I would ever be involved in.

I hope these answers bring you peace.I look forward to moving forward from this and wish you well in your quilting adventures, Lisa Burmann


  1. Frank Palmer says:

    “Heartfelt apology” – a contrite message mentioning church, and consisting primarily of a song someone else wrote, a mention of a dead friend, and then copied and pasted to each person who was wronged and hurt. Copying and pasting is not “heartfelt”. Fixing the issue isn’t achieved by prayer. But how dare someone not accept it, right? You get the power to hurt people, and now you want the power to be forgiven? It’s a betrayal, and it doesn’t go away just by wishing, copying, and pasting, or by a church confession or riding the sympathy train of a dead friend. Actual human beings were hurt by you. Whatever happens to you because of that isn’t a victimization, rather, the wages of slinging the shit.

    • R says:

      So basically, there is no point in any of these people acknowledging they were wrong…because whatever they say now isn’t going to be good enough? Is that right? BTW I saw on another post, YOUR comment to someone who tried to explain their actions was that they were a POS. That’s actually the meanest thing I saw that anyone had written about another person today, and I have been reading a lot of these posts and screen shots. I’m sorry you were hurt by all this. Some of the things that were said about you, WERE mean. But you are giving these people a lot of power over you. Obviously you are receiving a lot of positive support from people who also don’t like to see this in the quilting community. Can you focus on that?

  2. Looking through the screenshots, there are two posts in the group by Lisa Burmann that are derogatory to the targeted quilters, as well as a mean comment on another thread. So, how about let’s have the truth? It’s not just one.

  3. H says:

    Have I misread the screenshots? Seems like Lisa Burmann had more to say beyond the single post she describes here.

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