I Received A Statement….


I decided to reach out to members of the ‘Conservative Quilters’ group, particularity the ones who were active in the rhetoric of the page. I’ve heard back from a few saying they need time to come up with a comment, however one person did get back to me with this statement…

This statement has not been altered. This is her exact verbiage….

Deborah Hanson Wald: “Good bad or indifferent, this is my comment…attacking anyone of us is an attack on all of us….we all have opinions and beliefs…some of these ladies are close personal friends of mine and good God fearing decent people…the loud mouths who are causing the trouble will not shut us up….we are deplorable trump supporters…to the bone

That statement is her take away from all of this. Form all of what has been said, this is what she wished to comment.


  1. I find it quite amusing that it’s only been the women from the conservative quilter group that have brought up Trump. In case you haven’t yet processed all those comments you’ve had directed at you, this has never been about Trump. It’s been about the fact that you people in that group were mean girls, trying to be sneaky and get other quilters fired or blacklisted from companies and shows, simply because they were gay, liberal, or just different than you. Also, it is NOT an “attack” on you, are you kidding me? You don’t get to essentially punch someone in the face, and then when the victim says, “You punched me in the face” turn around and claim to be the fucking victim. YOU are the ones that caused this trouble, NO ONE said shit all about you until one of your members realized what horrible things were being done and said by the members, and outted you. So as far as trying to play the victim, there is no violin on this planet that is tiny enough to equal the amount of sympathy your members deserve.

  2. Frank Palmer says:

    An attack on one is an attack on all? But, what about the ones who said, “I had no idea what was going on in that group. They don’t speak for me.”?
    So which was it? Were you lying then? Or are you lying now?
    Let me check the Magic 8-Ball. Hmmmm. All signs point to both.

  3. Megan Williams says:

    Because somehow, some way they believe to the ‘bone’ that THEY are the victims. They believe that SOMEONE else, some lefty, or any other slur they come up with MADE them be they way they are. They wear the ‘deplorable’ label as a badge instead of looking in the mirror.

  4. Janna Whearty says:

    I know I am not alone in believing that people have become emboldened to bully since November. They no longer try to hide their dislike for others not like them, they were it as a badge of honor. Lots of people attribute it to the Presidential election, lots of people tell me I’m nuts to think so. However, when someone makes a comment like the one in the statement above, its hard to think otherwise. The connection is being spelled out for us.

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