Screenshots From This Morning

more hate.jpg

It’s a beautiful Sunday, or at least it was… As I posted earlier about Linda Thielfoldt teaching at AQS, I had no idea the comment section was becoming quite the battleground. I did get called, “Eric the what’s his face“, because ‘The Quilter’ is just too much to remember. I’m not going to lie, that did make me giggle. We know there was a hate group, and we have their screenshots. Today we have a couple more items of debauchery to share with you.

I also wanted to point out one shot in particular, I blocked out her name because this was on her private wall. The one about being “Red, White, and Blue”. I just wanted to point out how racist this is. It’s not even subtle. It’s stating I’m more patriotic than you, because I’m white! You have to be kidding me! Although, if you look at the demographic these things come from, it’s not surprising at all.

In the past 48 hours, a white supremacist murdered two people on a train defending two muslin women from him. It’s not on the news. The media is avoiding it. Two men, who were heroes, and defended someone being attacked were killed, and no one even wants to talk about it. It doesn’t fit into the dialogue of what people want to see on the news. This is the world we are living in. It’s a dark time.

In another shot, someone posts a woman’s address online to show how easy she was to find. Jut constant bullying from these people. Why? What are they gaining?


  1. tdspringer says:

    So the bitch is married to a war “hero.” Really? What awards did he receive? What did he do that was so damn special? My (late) husband was a REAL hero…a tunnel rat in ‘Nam. He died 15 years later of cancer from Agent Orange. Guess what? He wasn’t even American! But he WAS a patriot…..and he was a kind, decent human being who didn’t judge others.

  2. Southern Quilter says:

    Re: AQS, I saw this review on their Facebook page. Do you know anything about this? Can you post a photo of the letter? So very sad when Christianity is used to promote bigotry and discrimination.

    • Southern Quilter says:

      “People complaining about a diminished quantity of vendors should know that last year, vendors who do not identify as Christian, or do not line up with someone’s idea of Christian values, were sent letters from AQS stating that they were no longer welcome to vend at AQS shows because they are a “Christian organization “. So I’m thinking that this, in combination with vendors who choose to no longer be associated with AQS because of their exclusion policy, is the reason you don’t have the huge vendor area anymore and you probably also have a smaller group of teachers and quilts. I will now be unliking and unfollowing AQS on all my social media accounts. I refuse to associate with any organization who discriminates against people for any reason.”

      ^ That’s the review from AQS fb page.

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