AQS Sure Doesn’t Seem To Mind


Yesterday evening I reached out to AQS for a comment on the issues in the quilting community. They have not responded as of Sunday mid-day. Clearly they do not seem to mind. The image above is on the American Quilter’s Society facebook page. The caption above the photo reads…

Linda Thielfoldt—an award winning quilter and owner of The Quilted Goose in Troy, Michigan—has been quilting for over 40 years. She loves to share quilting knowledge as a teacher of quiltmaking and machine quilting. Linda’s classes are taught in a no-rules, fun, and lively style that provides inspiration and new ideas. She offers a wide variety of classes including quilting, piecing, appliqué, and everything in between.

Linda will be teaching several workshops during QuiltWeek® in Grand Rapids, MI. AQS Member registration is open. General registration opens to the public on 5/30/17. Lean more at,

It appears the folks over at AQS don’t seem to mind. The facebook post this comes from has many comments with negative feedback, but so far AQS has not responded. I also reached out to Linda Jackson Thielfoldt for comment, but she blocked me on facebook. I’m going to sleuth around the internet and see if there is another way to contact her for a comment. As for AQS, they know how to reach me, but they simply have not.


  1. tdspringer says:

    The response (or lack-thereof) from AQS comes as no surprise. They are an organization of classic “christian” hypocrisy. I was a member for many years, choosing to ignore what they (ok, what Bonnie) stand for. When they pulled Kathy Nida’s piece from the SAQA display in Grand Rapids last year based on the complaints of a few West MI CRC, Panties-in-a-Wad biddies (and yes, I feel entitled to call them that. I live here. I deal with those holier-than-thou, we are large and in charge, bitches every day). Never mind that there were HUNDREDS of other people in attendance who did not complain. Never mind they could have simply placed signage around the exhibit warning that there were some images depicting the human body and that people who would find these offensive can just move on….Never mind the quilt in question had already appeared in FIVE other AQS shows….That AQS rolled over and worse, NEVER ADDRESSED the issue, was the last straw. I asked for an explanation. I asked for an apology. Neither was forthcoming. I then demanded a refund on my membership. I did receive it….and they will never get another penny from me unless and until Bonnie is gone and their twisted take on Christianity is gone. That Linda is their Michigan poster child is just appropriate. Hate attracts hate. Bigotry attracts bigotry…..I hope they are very happy together. Again….they won’t get a penny from me. And, as far as I am concerned, anyone who does spend money there who KNOWS about all the BS, is just as guilty. If you choose to swim in a septic tank you are gonna come up smelling of shit.

  2. pjm says:

    You apparently don’t know Linda very well and apparently haven’t read all of those posts that you copied. Linda and her friends are doing nothing but retaliating against all of the hate going on in the liberal quilting community. We conservatives never posted about such hate for Obama in the quilting community as the liberals are posting about President Trump. Get the facts before writing such hate about conservative quilters.

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