I Reached Out…


I did some soul searching over the past couple of days.

You see, at first I was upset many of these big name quilters and quilting companies were not saying anything on the topic. As I pondered what must be going through the heads of these titans in the quilting industry, I figured… Just ask them. Just ask them, what could it hurt to ask as to why they have been silent. Ask them if they will take a stand against bullying. So I was up late yesterday getting a list together of companies and people to email. I did hear back from a few, but I’ll give it until Tuesday to hear back from more.

I also took the time to reach out to the bullies themselves and ask them about what they did. I heard back from a few, but with the holiday not much is going on. I couldn’t even find a few of the people from the list, but I contacted the ones I could. In order to heal, there is a conversation that must happen, but it’s very hard to have a conversation when everyone is silent… I’ll wait until Tuesday.

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  1. fauxhoux says:

    Aren’t you being just a bit to nice? I find old white women quilters to be hypocrites and over weight. The hobby of quilting is an over the top white privilege for angry baby bombers women usually former school teachers or nurses. Quilters are not the nicest people they steal, lie, cheat, and over eat.’
    Some are drunks, smoke pot, and are happy when their husbands die. They have way to much money, hip replacements, and are selfish awful wenches, I hope the younger quilters take them out. You can’t trust any of them. Especially the ones that talk like a baby.

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