First Block – Homophobia

The Way This Works:

I’m working on quilt for the HRC fund raising dinner in DC this fall. I decided, based upon recent events, (If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, click here) to make a wall hanging that tackles some of the issues we’ve been seeing come to light in, not only the quilting community, but the world in general. The four blocks will be a message about Homophobia, Racism, Sexism, and Ignorance. With each of the blocks that I post, I’ll be posting an interview I did with someone that has had to deal with that topic. The interview for this block will be with Frank Palmer. Frank recently came under fire for posting the screenshots from the recent hate group. Thank goodness he did!

For far too long we’ve allowed these sentiments to lurk around corners and under the surface. Two days after posting these screen shots, people have started to respond. I’ve seen a few comedic responses, as well as some people who are upset these leaked, and some who are thankful they leaked. The one thing I want to make clear, this is not a Liberal vs Conservative argument. This is an issue of hate. Forget that this group was named “Conservative Quilters”, and imagine it was called something innocuous. That changes the story quite a bit; now they are simply of group of people trying to do harm to others.

I urge you not to think of this as a liberal vs conservative problem, and think of it as a hate problem! That is hate! That is harmful! That is bullying!

Back to the block of the day… I’m not sure I’m digging the embroidery… Maybe I’ll switch to applique. I can do raw edge, and stitch it down with some funky ass thread. That could be fun!

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