Daily Archives: December 5, 2016

The Latest Baby Quilt

Finished this gem on Friday night, and dropped it off for the client on Saturday. I hope she likes it! It’s for a baby shower, and the color scheme has to do with the mobile for the baby’s room. At first I wasn’t sure how all of these colors were going to go together, but it turned out pretty damn great! I love nice saturated colors, and this has some of my favorite fabrics in it! I’ll find out later today how much she loved it!

Fire Shot Down Like Rain

Just a fun embroidery that was finished a couple nights ago. I just really wanted to play with this 19wt thread I got, and it makes marvelous fire! I’m very excited by it. Now just to pick a frame. It’s for a 5×7 frame, and I know I have a crap ton of those around here somewhere… Just not sure where. Wish me luck!

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