If I were Oprah, This Would Be One Of My Favorite Things: Avocado Hummus

If I were Oprah, This Would Be One Of My Favorite Things: Avocado Hummus

It’s not hard to make, and I think it is quite fabulous tasting! It’s quite simple, but overly expensive to buy in the store. All you need is a food processor and a few simple ingredients.

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Here is what you’ll need:

3 Cups of Cooked Chick Peas (Save about 1 cup of the liquid)

2 Tbsp Tahini (I’ll post a recipe for this at the end)

4 Tbsp Olive Oil (I use Extra Virgin)

2 Roasted Jalepenos

1 Roasted Red Bell Pepper

2 to 3 Avocados

1 Tbsp Taco Seasoning (Not the kind from the package that is mostly maltodextrin)

4 Cloves of Roasted Garlic

2 to 4 Tbsps Lime Juice (You can also use lemon if lime is not your thing)

Handful of Cilantro

Salt and Pepper to taste

The Directions:

Roast the peppers and garlic over open flame, and put in sealed Tupperware to steam them afterwards. In food processor, combine Chick peas, half a cup of the liquid from chick peas, tahini, lime juice, and olive oil. Puree it on high! Then add Peppers, garlic, avocado, Cilantro, taco seasoning, and salt and pepper. Continue to blend. You may need to add more of the chick pea liquid to get the consistency you desire.

Before Serving I like to fold in finely chopped onions and tomatoes, but it is also fine the way it comes out of the food processor!

Use Pita chips to dip, and you’ll be in love!


Tahini Recipe: All you need to do is roast sesame seeds, and then throw them in the food processor with olive oil. The ratio is about 3 cups seeds, to 1 cup oil. Just blend until smooth, and you can store it in your fridge for about 12 weeks. I make hummus quite often, so I use it quite a bit!



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