Quite A Few Changes

Hello loyal followers of my site! I know it has been a while since I posted anything. I took a mental health holiday, and then I moved to Illinois to help with a family issue. I love Minnesota and plan to be back very shortly, but for the time being I am in The South Suburbs of Chicago. I’m setting up my sewing area, and looking for a quilt guild to join. I did find one near by, it seems small, but we’ll see how the first meeting goes later this month! I’m really excited about all of the changes happening, and I cannot wait to start sewing again! I have everything in the room that will be my sewing room, but have yet to unpack it. Mainly because the table I sew on is so flipping heavy and I don’t have anyone who can help me get it up the stairs into my sewing room. Hopefully I’ll have that straightened out by Tuesday. I just really want to get back to work!

Does anyone know of any quilt guilds in the Chicagoland area? I would love to know of a few! Also, does anyone know anyone who wants to buy a vintage antique loom? Just asking because my friend has one!

Thanks for listening, and I’ll hopefully have some work to show off by the end of the week!!!!



  1. Kathi Polz says:

    Where are you in the south suburbs??? I belong to a guild out of the Plainfield, Naperville area – but that may be too far for you if you are down near Tinley Park.

  2. Peggy Davis says:

    Eric, my family are Iron Man athletes; my son, daughter & myself. @ these Events people line the streets w/signs. For example – You Peed Your Bike, Your Trained Longer Than Kim Kardasian’s Wedding, so very many more -( all designed to illicit a smile or laugh from us (the participants in the Iron Man )
    Your Icon / Joke made me think of another Popular Sign — YOU RUN LIKE A GIRL !! And, it is not a uncomplimentary thing. Many of the men wish they could really RUN LIKE A GIRL!
    IRON MAN events are held all over the USA – people come from all over the planet!
    Most are amateurs, of course. There are quite a few pro’s too.
    I sew clothes and I also sew quilts – quite the novice – a novice of 20 yrs. lololol I love to sew quilts – they are not pretty; I give them to homeless shelters. & of course family members – not so pretty, will keep one warm.
    Thrilled to have found you on Face Book through Rhianon Taylor .
    Your quilts are amazing, you are awesome. Talented, and knows your way around a sewing machine.
    Be Creative, Continue To Amaze, Always keep the next idea developing in your mind,
    AND LASTLY :::: YOU QUILT LIKE A GIRL ::::::::::: ( BETTER THAN MOST,Shhh, Shhhh

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