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I Found These In My Closet!

Looky what I found! I’m thinking maybe I’ll post these later on my Etsy shop! I’ll definitely be giving one of these away with every purchase of a quilt!


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Shop of the week!

So, twice a week I will be posting links to shops from fellow crafters that I like! So here is the first one!

This shop is called Anni’s Crafts and I tres love it! Everyone should do me the favor of checking it out! Click on the picture to go to her etsy shop!

Annie's shop!

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Started The Background!

I feel so far behind were I would like to be on this quilt. The air conditioning broke at my townhouse, and it is just too hot and humid to sit here and iron fabric all day. Gross! Today is much better though and I started doing the background for this quilt. I’ve decided to go and find a slate grey that will help those light grey pieces blend better, so when I leave the house later, I will go on and find some! I’m really excited!


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