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Meet One Of My Blogging Friends!

Okay, so one of my favorite new blogs to read is Ray’s Sew Crafty!


Here is a little bit she wrote about herself!
My name’s Diana and I’m an enthusiastic crafter! I’m currently learning how to quilt, but I hope to blog about many crafts : quilting, sewing, knitting, cross-stitching, needlepoint, scrapbooking, no-sew blankets. I’m always trying to keep busy, learn new ins and meet new people with my same interests! Any age , experience and background welcome!! I hope that my blog can help you in putting a craft together and also give you an insight as to how I progress in my own projects! 🙂
Toodles for now,

Diana and Ray<3″


Fixing a Dress

so, my roommate has a bachelorette party to go to this weekend, and the theme is Little Black Dress.  MY roommate ordered her dress online and when it arrived, it had 2 holes in it! I mean, come on! She just bought it, and it already had two holes in it. So, I spent my night evening fixing it. It was a manufacturer error. The serger slipped and at points never connected to the elastic that causes the ruching. So, I had to tear the seam out a few inches to make it flush with the rest. And here it is finished!


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