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Pillow Cases For My Bed, And Then A Quilt To Match

I have quite a lost of things to do! I have to finish the quilt for my cousins, Jim and Kim, and then the winner of the blog giveaway’s quilt, Cin, and then I also want something for myself.

I’m going to start on the pillowcases for my bed. I’ve found the cutest fabric for it! I’ll do one in the leaves, and one in the green, and do applique embroidery on each other in the opposite fabric, and then use the rest of it for a quilt I am making that will match them. I have a few ideas in my head, but nothing concrete yet, so we shall see! Seriously though, aren’t these fabric amazing!


First Block Done For K and J Quilt

after slaving all night over a hot sewing machine, I have finished quite a bit. I have the center blocks done for a few blocks, and the borders done for 5 and 1 complete block as of 9AM! It took quite a while for me to settle on something I liked, and I’m glad I found this!


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I’ve Picked Out The Fabric For The K and J Quilt

So, after a day of meandering around my sewing room, I have found some things that I like, and I have set together a color pallet of the fabrics I am going to use for the K and J quilt. I’m really excited! I honesty do not know what I am going to do with them, but I’ll figure that out later today after I take a nap. I did not sleep lat night, and I am tired!


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