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Quilting Space Is Not A Pleasant Space: An Interview With Stephanie Forsyth


Two days ago, I asked a question; it was a simple question. What I got was not a simple response. Today we’re going to talk to Stephanie Forsyth from The IndieQuilter. To beat a dead horse, I’m (trying) doing 4 interviews to go along with a quilt I’m making. One interview per block. Homophobia and Sexism are already done. Now I’m looking to do one on Racism. I tried to find someone to interview, but many people are afraid to come forward after seeing the vitriol being spewed by some of these people on the quilting groups of Facebook. Stephanie was one of the defenders on my post in Quilting Space and let’s check in with her…. (Also check out the screen shots from the conversation. I got as many as I could before it was removed.) Continue reading

Sexism In Quilting – The Conversation Worth Having


Today is a another special occasion. I have an interview with a blogger and quilter. I just met Stephanie in a Fiber Artist group online…. No, it was not secret. As we all know, I’m working on a set of 4 interviews with people who have been victims of Homophobia, Racism, Sexism, and Ignorance, as these are the themes for a quilt I’m working on for the Human Rights Campaign Dinner. This is our second interview. Her name is

Continue reading

Today’s Quilt Block – Sexism


Today’s block is Sexism! Sexism. Yes it is 2017 and we are still talking about sexism. Why? Why are we still talking about sexism? Shouldn’t this be a thing of the past right now? It should, but guess what, it’s really not! It’s still running rampant in our society, and as we’ve learned in the last couple of days, it’s here in the quilting world. I’m still working on the interview for my piece on sexism, and that probably won’t post until tomorrow, but I figured I would share this block with everyone today. I made this block to be read backwards, because sexism itself is backwards as hell.

Follow the jump for more photos. I also updated the Homophobia Block. See it below… Continue reading

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