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Finished My Open Weave Table Runner

I’m so happy with how it turned out! Next time I think I will use more Elmer’s glue to hold it in place. There was some slight distorting during the sewing process, so I think I’ll also add in some steam a seam to help hold things in place while sewing. I’m not sure if I’m doing to make matching place mats yet… We’ll see.

Finished The Weaving, And Now Onto The Sewing

This is turning out so cute! I’m just so in love with it! I mean, it takes a while, but it is a nice project for a boring rainy day. I’m sure I could sew it faster if I stopped watching Twin Peaks, but that’s just not going to happen! I think this would be a really cute ideo for a throw quilt, but I’m trying to figure out a method to hold something that large in place while I sew… Hmmm…..

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